Faux Brass Rubbing Experiment-Camp Walls


his photo album will be where I will place all of the photos of the walls as they get completed. No two will be the same. I will be working on these till Estrella War. To get an idea how big these are in my pictures I am hanging the walls a foot or so above a standard doorway. I am attempting to make each Knight figure around six feet tall each.

Wall completed Dimensions: 7 feet by 3 feet

I could not do any of these with out the help from my wife Mistress Tvoislava Michelovna, and both my apprentices Lady Kirsten Maria Matz/ Trina Taylor and Lady Odette Steingrim/ Elyse Beede

What is a Actual Brass Effigy-

Monumental brasses were produced between 1000 – 1650 AD as a commemoration to the dead, or as a special church related event. Today, only approximately 8,000 monumental brasses left. Because the metal and enamel used to create these monuments were such precious commodities, many were destroyed and melted down to create armament. In addition, many of the brasses were destroyed during the various religious uprisings in Great Britain and the continent.

Brass rubbings are done by stretching a linen rag paper over the deeply etched monumental brass that is usually found at the gravesite. After securing the paper, heelball (a very hard wax) is rubbed vigorously over the paper surface to get an exact copy of the brass plate. A single rubbing can take from 2 hours to 2 days to complete depending in it’s size, condition, and complexity.


Painting Adventures Part 1

Well I have sped up my learning and doing into the world of paint . I have always loved art and have taken art classes every year of my scholastic path. I always felt the need to create something, but my need for perfection is what seems to drive me to keep going. Nothing I do I am %100 happy with. I can be extremely happy with an outcome, but never fully satisfied.

My Art Teacher in High school for the delinquents {story for another time} taught me ways to create from anywhere and anything. I think I got my “nothing I create is good enough” from her. I would see art being created all around her, I would always turn to see she was not fully happy. Many years later I danced with her  at my first Wedding {story for another time}. I told her she taught me so much, at a time I really needed it. With a shy look and a slight smile she denied having any influence.

One of the many small jobs I picked up though my short stint at community college was at a Antique store. It took over a old grocery store building from the 1970’s. I started as daytime plain clothes security, but later added handy man and general labor.  I painted ceiling, walls, patrician walls, and the outside of the building. To tell you the truth I loved the money more than the labor the time.  It was not until I learned my Grandfather supported a family of 10 being a building painter,did I feel proud of the work I had done.